The Summer Tree

May 14, 2010

Welcome to the cusp of summer, Little Blue. I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like because I’ve been tending to end of school activities, softball practices, and gardening–and of course, editing some exciting projects. But when I don’t drop off to sleep exhausted, I’ve been re-reading the Fionovar Tapestry. I first read this series when I was a teen and just stumbled on an interesting-looking cover on the library shelf. It was such a random and wonderful find. It tells the story of 5 friends transported to Finovar, the first of the worlds. Once there, they encounter mages, king, servants of the goddess, and must each find their own way to fight the evil force awakened from his imprisonment under the great mountain. Re-reading it is like walking backwards in time and revisiting an old friend.

I’ve also begun thinking about my upcoming beach trip. I always bring a decent selection of books with me and I need to start getting that collection together. I saw one by Louise Erlich that looked promising (Shadow Tag) that I may try out. I also recently saw a book on the The Daily Show that looked interesting. I think it is called Revolutionaries. It is non-fiction though…and Little Blue, we both know that non-fiction is a difficult leisure read for me because I end up editing so much non-fiction. But we’ll see. I’ll have to find it in the library and see how it feels in my hand.


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