Summer Reading

July 10, 2010

Dear Little Blue,

Remember reading in a chair on the deck overlooking the ocean? Or waking up in the morning and reading for a hour in bed before climbing out to find breakfast? Or that lovely little windowed room off the kitchen with the comfy swivel chairs that overlooked the ocean? Ahhh…vacation.

I got a lot of reading done at the beach this year. I had to choose my books quickly – I had about 10 minutes in the library the day before we left – so the fact that I really enjoyed so many of the books I brought was a lucky stroke. The follow are a sampling of some of the best and brightest of my beach reads.

The Recipe Club: A Tale of Food and Friendship by Andrea Israel

The first book I read on vacation this year. While it kept me hooked and I really enjoyed the format (letters and recipes exchanged between two girls who grew into women), it felt a little like prying into a complicated fight that is not about what it seems to be about. I’ve been in enough of those fights myself to feel uncomfortable spying into this one. It reminded me a bit of Truth & Beauty by Ann Pachett, except that I liked T&B much better. I was not inspired by any of the recipes specifically, but the sweet titles did make me want to begin naming my recipes more creatively (a la Heartbreak Lasagna and To-Good-To-Be-True Pie).

This book kept me hooked to the very end. I just couldn’t wait for the inevitable explosion the revelation of the secret would eventually bring for these characters…and I kept waiting and waiting. When that moment did arrive, I was surprised to find not an explosion, but more of an implosion. A swirling downwards of emotions. It was beautiful and very graceful.

Of the five books I read at the beach this year, this one was my favorite. It drew me in from the beginning and surprised me with the ending. I spent the next several weeks thinking about Hunter and Bree and had trouble starting a new book because I found I was still thinking about this one. I had expected a somewhat formulaic take on the upper class and their hired writer (maybe the husband will have an affair with her or something standard), but found a truly different take entirely. Highly recommended!